Department of Historic Resources
ePIX - Electronic Project Information Exchange

The Electronic Project Information Exchange (ePIX) system has been developed by the Department of Historic Resources (DHR) Review and Compliance Division (RCD) as a tool to aid our customers in the submission of projects that require our review pursuant to specific provisions of state and federal law and to streamline consultation with our office. As an integrated digital consultation tool, ePIX allows individuals to submit through their account on the ePIX website new projects to DHR. ePIX also allows users to monitor the review status of existing projects they have previously submitted. Those registered in the system are also able to view the project review application and review status of projects for which they are identified by the submitter as contacts - such as a lead agency representative, consulting party, or consultant. To further expedite consultation, all comments by DHR will be issued electronically and provided via email to project contacts.

This system can be used for the following project types:

Federal Projects: There are several provisions of federal regulation that require consultation with our office (see DHR's website for a list). Most commonly, agencies and individuals seek our comment under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended, which requires all federal agencies to consider the effects on historic properties of any project for which they are providing funding, a license or a permit. DHR, which serves as Virginia's State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), assists federal agencies in meeting this responsibility. For detailed information on Section 106 of the NHPA, and its implementing regulations codified at 36 CFR Part 800, please visit

If you are required to obtain DHR's comments for an application to the FCC, such as for a cell tower project, do not use ePIX. You must use the FCC's E-106 system. Please see DHR's Cell Tower webpage for more information on our review of FCC projects.

State Projects: There are also several state requirements that may trigger review by this office (see DHR's website for a list). DHR's comments must be sought as part of the Virginia Environmental Impact Review Act and on all demolition of state properties. It is important to note that there are many state-managed programs that use federal funds and are therefore subject to Section 106 review under federal law.

Technical Assistance: DHR is sometimes asked to provide our technical assistance in the review of projects when those projects are not subject to the other provisions of federal and state preservation law. Technical assistance is provided when federal or state involvement is anticipated but not known, during initial project scoping, and as requested by a local government in their administration of a local proffer or ordinance.

If you have been asked to seek the comments of this office, but do not know which federal or state process is triggering the review, you will need to contact the entity that instructed you to seek the comments of this office to get this information. If you would like more general information about DHR's review process, please visit the RCD homepage.

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